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Send a letter to a loved one with an artistic twist!

Whether a birthday, a baby, or another special occasion, decorated letters are a unique gift for when something more personal than a card is called for. 


The letters are hand painted in bright watercolours before being sent on their voyage through the postal service. Ready to land on the doormat of someone you love, they are guaranteed to cause a smile. Having received several myself, I can attest to the unexpected delight that a painting hidden amongst your post can cause.  



Please note there are 4 categories for these letters: Simple Flowers, Complex Flowers, Custom Simple and Custom Complex. This Section is for Custom Simple designs of one or two flowers.


Step 1

Select the product you'd like to purchase from the shop section. Eg Hand Painted Letters - Simple Flowers


Step 2

Chose your envelope shape. 

For example, if you select A6 Envelope the recipient will receive an A6 Painted letter, complete with internal writing paper printed with your custom message. If you chose an A6 Card, then I'll write your message inside the card, which will be posted inside your painted envelope.


Step 3

Type the recipient’s address in the custom text box. The letter will be posted directly to them. You can also add something along the lines of "Not to be opened until dd/mm/yyyy" in this box along with the address. 


Step 4

Type your message as you’d like it to appear in the custom text box. This will go inside the letter.


Step 5 

Press ‘Add to Cart’ then ‘View Cart’ to check out. 


Step 6 

Send me an email with your flower ideas via


Step 7
Wait for an excited message from your loved one about their postal surprise.  


Stamps and postal marks are part of the process and thus the artwork - they're a marker of the journey. Where possible I try to use interesting stamps and place artwork where the postmark won't interfere but sometimes they end up printed across the paintings. Unfortunately I can't do anything about this but it shouldn’t affect the delight of the surprise.  


By ordering one of these letters you accept that they receive no special treatment and may end up slightly mistreated the same as any other article of post. I can't track them or insure them but in the event that they don't arrive within 28 days (something that has never happened in all the letters I've ever sent so far, regardless of their shape) I'm happy to send another. 


Please allow 14 working days for your letter to reach it's intended location - although it may arrive much sooner.

Hand Painted Letters - Simple Custom Flowers

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