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Keep in touch Children's workshop - Morning Session




2 hours


Aimed at Children (aged 5-11) and Grandparents*

<p class="font_8">Aimed at Children (aged 5-11) and Grandparents*</p>

Location: The Painswick Centre, Painswick

Date: February half term, Sat 23rd

Session 1: 10am-12pm

6 spaces available

About the Course

Most of our post nowadays is made up of bills, perhaps with the odd birthday card thrown into the mix. As a child, particularly one accustomed to the immediate response times of modern technology, a letter addressed to them, decorated with pictures and stamps, could be a very exciting thing. 

The structure of the session includes:

  • An introduction and brief demonstration on drawing and painting

  • An activity for both adults and children to start designing and decorating their letters

  • A tea/coffee/squash break half way through

  • Options to try origami letter folds

  • Children's tips for how to write a letter.

Tea, coffee, biscuits, and squash will be included, along with all materials. Each pair will receive a booklet of resources to take away at the end of the class.

*This workshop is of course open to other forms of family groupings but is ideally aimed at a child and a person with whom they’d like to correspond. 

The upper age limit on this class is flexible and older children are welcome to experiment with more complicated designs if they’d like to attend. Please get in touch if you’d like to bring an additional child, as this is space dependent. 


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