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Illustration enhances humour and character in any scene. Add that to a wedding, rich in emotion and atmosphere, and you can create a magnificent record of your day.

I'm happy to create custom packages for every couple, to fit your plan and personalities. The information below gives you an outline for a full day but please get in touch to discuss shorter time slots and your own ideas.


Free travel is included within the cotswolds. Travel costs for workshops and weddings elsewhere are £100/night, 45p/mile, or expensed directly for rail & air travel. 


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Reportage illustration on the day. Sketches of guests, conversations and general "goings on" collated into a Wedding Zine and lasting artist's book.

Price estimate: £800-£1100 (100 printed Zines).

What you'll get: 

  • An artist in residence at your big day

  • All rough sketches and finished paintings created during the event. 

  • A digital file to print your own zine (for a smaller budget)  &/OR  order your own hot-off-the-press zines for yourself and your guests.

What it entails...

Reportage illustration is much like the task of a press photographer combined with an artist in residence. I'll pitch up with my drawing board and supplies to capture the feel of the day with particular focus on the guests and venue. Rather than posed images, I'll be looking for candid moments, and scenes that record a narrative of the day.

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Parisian street chic comes to your wedding in the form of guest portraits. I'm happy to work in Pencil, Charcoal, or ink depending on your request. 

Price Estimate: £1000-£1400 (100 printed books).

What you'll get:

  • A framed 20 min couple's Portrait of the bride and groom

  • 10 min appointments or drop ins for your guests

  • Digital Scans of each and the option to have these printed into a guest book. 

What it entails...

Preplanned around your order of service, I'll set up my easel and get drawing. Portraits can be by appointment, drop in, or special request. People are my specialty and I like to record something of their personality as well as their appearance! Whether that's wriggly children, tipsy aunts, or the bride and groom at the very start of their journey. Why not make a lasting record by collating your all drawings into a printed guest book?

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The day on paper. Commission a large scale watercolour scene that captures the movement and feel of the day. Complete with guests and location details!

Price Estimate: £1800-£2600 (+ additional prints).

What you'll get:

  • A unique piece of artwork that illustrates your wedding. 

  • A licence to create prints and postcards as lasting mementos for your guests or even anniversary cards.

  • Optional limited edition print run for friends and family. 

What it entails...

I'll arrive at your wedding with sketchbooks, camera, and a smile! My aim is to capture not only an image but the feel and characters of those involved. We can discuss what scene you want to represent your day. Whether that's at the alter, the dressing room moments before, or the raucous after party! 


Studio 9, Three Storeys, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth, GL60JE

+44 7584436655

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This is your chance to share your plans and ideas for the big day, as well as ask any questions. With these details in mind, I offer a free zoom consult to create the best package for you.

Thank you for your query! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


Why draw when you can take photos?

As fantastic as photographs can be they are still an image of one moment in time. The aim of a drawing is to capture the atmosphere, feel, and character of a place or event in a way that conveys more than an image of that moment. Reportage illustration has been in play for centuries and is still important today to record the stories and narrative of real life events. 

Can I combine these packages?

I'm happy to customise a plan to suit your ideas and create the best record of your wedding. There is a limit to what can be achieved in one day so we can discuss what you'd most like to come away with ahead of time.

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