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An Introduction To Portraiture

An Introduction To Portraiture


Under-the-edge-arts centre
Sat 12th Feb 10am - 4pm

Why are we, Humans, drawn to represent ourselves in image? Humanoid figures are amongst some of the earliest surviving forms of art, so a desire to capture likeness or a portrayal of people is nothing new but how should you go about learning to do just that? I believe a foundational knowledge of drawing is important to all artists, even if your interests lie in abstract art or graphical work. In the same way athletes do cross training, a fundamental understanding of anatomy in portraiture will improve your interpretation of the human body and make the process of capturing it on paper easier and more expressive.

This workshop is a tutorial designed to teach you all you need to learn portraiture. From quick people sketching to watercolours, traditional poses, noses hands and all, you will go away with the confidence to get started with portraits.

All tools and materials will be provided, but please feel free to bring your favourite art supplies if desired. Lunch is not included but tea, coffee, and cake will be on hand all day.

An in-person clothed model will be posing for this workshop.

Suitable for all levels of ability, student discounts available – message me via the contact page after booking for a 10% refund.

I'm happy to consider students under 16; please get in touch before booking.

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